Now is the time to order for the October Harvest.  Our next harvest is July of 2016, a very long time to wait for such superb beef.

Seattle area customers - We do a delivery rendezvous for each harvest.

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"We adore it.  Every guest who ate a cut said it was hands down the best piece of beef they had ever had…. Truly, truly amazing."

Holly Smith, Chef-Owner of Cafe Juanita


"He is truly a grass farmer who passionately explores ALL avenues in creating the absolute best product he can. Not only for the end product that we eat but also for the health and well being of his animals and our environment."

Tamara Murphy, Chef

"The melt-in-your-mouth texture is juicy yet resilient. The flavor is very complex, a perfect balance of well aged tang and a sweet rich earthiness. It was unlike any beef I've tasted before, a taste that kept me coming back for more. This meat is truly magnificent!"

Kim Bast, Custom Chef

April, 9th 2013

Hello, I am interested in some grass fed beef but after what seems like a ton of research I am even more confused than when I started. It seems like each rancher says their beef is the best… It is all so confusing, any information you can give me would be very helpful.

September, 5th 2013

I am very happy with the beef! The flavor is like nothing else I have ever tasted, I am confident I will be a repeat customer…Thanks again for your honesty and truthfulness about beef, I am afraid if I had not found you I would have made a very big mistake and purchased beef from someone else.

Debbie Mahitka, New Customer


Excellent management and the Wagyu breed combine to produce the best beef available.

Sweet Grass Farm Wagyu "had an insane omega-6 to omega-3 ratio of 1.15 to 1... The steak was so rich and flavorful I had to eat it slowly... it's like steak with headphones on."

Mark Shatzker, Author of STEAK, One Man's Search for the Worlds Tastiest Piece of Beef.

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No other farm produces Wagyu Beef like Sweet Grass Farm.

  • The best in genetics.  We run a closed herd (no buying market steers and finishing them).  We know every animal and are very selective in our breeding.

  • Zero stress management in support of the land, wildlife and the cattle.

  • Their diet is 100% grass from our pastures and hay we produce.

  • On farm slaughter using our clean stress free corral system and the USDA inspected mobile slaughter unit.

  • Mature harvest age of over 2 years to bring out the very best in Wagyu beef.

  • Our cattle are raised without hormones or antibiotics.  We produce all our own winter hay from fields that are free of herbicides and chemical fertilizers.

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At Sweet Grass Farm we walk the walk.  You are always welcome to visit and see how we farm.

"Scott, Thank you for taking the time to show Tim and I your farm. I was very impressed and learned a lot about good stewardship, critical areas protection (and restoration). Your operation is a model of what is possible".

Paul S. Anderson, Wetland Specialist
Washington State Department of Ecology